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World of glamoda

History of Glamoda

Renowned for her exquisite tailoring and original wear; Lebanese designer has a classic chic flair that translates onto every uniquepiece she creates.
Effortless confidence and glam is the cover value within Glamoda brand. Every piece is made with couture-like craftsmanship for feminine and sophisticated women. Glamoda style is luxury lifestyle brand created to inspire women stay feminine and sincere to themselves, through uniquely designed clothes. The collection offers elevated every day and occasion wear pieces with feminine silhouettes and a strong dose of sophistication and glam.


Why Glamoda?

Each piece is perfectly tailored and crafted to perfection so that only the best, most elegant pieces get released. Created in limited quantities, everything is tailored with exquisite fabrics and style to perfection.
Glamoda comprehensively designs clothes offering women a chance to be dresser up for any occasion and yet not over or under doing it. It is designed for woman who are swayed by quality, only setting for the best. Experiencing clothes comfortable enough to wear all day and and everywhere has never been so easy and chic. Influenced by modern women, this feminine collection offers distinct sense of elegance and Paris glam that will last trough more than one season.

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